• 13mm thick, sleek, purist design with tightly rounded edges
  • No cover caps or holes on the sides
  • Tool free adjustment in 5 directions (top to bottom, side to side and angle)
  • Metal covers slide back to facilitate easy removal of the drawer front
  • The powder coating metal sides are available in three colours: Carbon (standard), White and Alu
  • The top edge is always in stainless steel
  • Solid aluminium sides are available for surcharge
  • Available in the following depths: 270 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 650 mm

Individuality, creativity

Intrinsic values are sought after! The design and quality rating of the Comfort Line immediately catch your eye. Of course in the high quality, which constantly makes a good impression: each time the drawers or front pull-out units are opened. Appealing right up to the last detail. Equipped with a variety of organisational elements for the application of so many indispensable things such as cutlery or storage containers with spices, sugar or flour. In the process, extremely flexible and completely integrated into the system. Everything simply in the best possible form, sophisticated from A to Z.

With the development of the first complete organised drawer system, things in the kitchen are finally organised – all on their own. Just like modern kitchen users want it to be. Whether cutlery, cookware or spices, the new organisation product line makes everything much more manageable. In doing so, the universal system provides valuable assistance and is always in top form. One thing is for sure, having things arranged better also means: saving time and enjoying life to the full.